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The Perfect Voice Recording Gift – A Mac Compatible DVR

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a suitable gift for someone special. But have you considered the fact that a Mac-compatible digital voice recorder may be the perfect buy? Well, a voice recording gift may be a great picket, especially for the holiday season. Philips and Olympus are two of the most popular Mac-compatible voice recorders. 

These digital audio recorders record sound through flash memory and can convert it to MP3 or WAV for PC use. So, what are some of the nice features of these digital voice recorders?

Buy a Voice Recording Gift – Great Features of Digital Voice Recorders

You can easily adjust the mic to record meetings involving multiple voices, softer sounds, or even your own voice. Some models come with an FM tuner which you can use for recording full songs on the radio. The person you give the device to will enjoy hearing a 3D stereo sound with the help of an audio technology known as WOW XTTM. Also, the device may come with a large LCD screen displaying the artist and helpful information.

voice recording gift

Large Memory Capacity

The best Mac-compatible DVRs can record up to 500 hours or more of top-notch audio with stereo sound. You can easily choose a digital video recorder with a stereo mic that has a tie clip or you can utilize the high-tech voice activation function. The feature allows the user to automatically begin recording when a voice is detected.

These devices make perfect memorial voice recording gifts. You can record and transfer audio files and some models feature USB Mass Storage to allow you to store essential photographs and documents. You can change your audio recordings using the DSS player and either speed them up or slow them down for special audio effects.

Other Amazing Features

There are built-in features such as a Noise Cancel feature and a Voice Filter function to keep your audio content away from air conditioner noise and other distracting noises. Using a Mac-compatible digital voice recorder, you can lock critical files and protect them from accidental erasing.


A Mac-compatible DVR can make a great gift, especially for a busy professional who must dictate notes throughout the day. A voice recording gift can also be a perfect choice for a child that wants to record their own songs on the radio. With all the amazing features and a user-friendly interface, these digital voice recorders are perfect gift ideas, particularly this holiday season.

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