3d drone mapping

Learn The Benefits Of 2D And 3D Drone Mapping

A mapping drop can provide real-time data of the land where business practices are done. That helps in inspecting, analyzing, and executing various strategies. You can easily create a 2d or 3d drone mapping using a software interface designed to be user-friendly. You can also get 3-dimensional videos with waypoints on maps that give a complete picture of what’s happening.

You can fly through maps created by your drone with the help of the software to make certain business decisions. Let’s take a look at the various benefits of drone aerial mapping.

Benefits of 2D and 3D Drone Mapping

The latest standard for drone aerial mapping, 3DR provides a variety of attractive features that make their apps more well-defined. The benefits include:

  • Accurate resolution – Extra high-resolution auto-created maps let the user zoom in on minute details to see clearly what’s happening.
  • Auto-pilot – Acquisition of image is obtained through auto-pilot, which implies that the flight is fully autonomous. The drone can make intelligent decisions based on the flight plan.
  • Automate workflow – A drone isn’t only able to take off and land by itself, it’s also able to take images, tag them, and then post-process the data taken to create understandable results.
  • Increased reliability – The outcomes of drone mapping services can be trusted fully based on highly accurate results with remarkable endurance coverage area.

3d drone mapping

  • Desktop processing – Some drones come with advanced desktop processing that lets users communicate with the drone through a software interface. Those that don’t have these advanced features use desktop processing.
  • Robust and Inexpensive – We can also realize the same features using any other sophisticated drone with a high-resolution camera. But mapping drones are particularly designed for these reasons and thus they are very cheap, robust, and long-lasting.
  • Low-flying capability – Mapping drones can fly very low to capture HD and crisp pictures of the land that the map.
  • Protective cover – The majority of mapping drones have a protective hard cover because of the sensitive job nature in which they operate.

The software program coming with these drones has high-tech flight planning and picture processing tools. The tools can take a lot of photos and combine them into very accurate 2D or 3D maps with geo-referencing. The tools are user-friendly and even a beginner can use them for mapping. However, you can always hire a professional for 3D drone mapping.

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