Sewing machines in Christchurch

5 Problems to Look Out for With Sewing machines in Christchurch

With Sewing machines in Christchurch, you might encounter a few problems that are common to the machines. These often include sewing machine noise, sewing machine needle jamming, sewing machine oil, and more. In this blog post, we will be exploring a few of these problems in detail.

5 Problems to Look Out for With Sewing machines in NZ

1. Thread Keeps Breaking:

A common problem that some people run into is with the thread. The thread keeps breaking and showing loose ends as you try to sew. This is because of bad thread tension, which causes the stitching to fail. To fix this, adjust the tensions of your sewing machine and make it so that the top and bottom threads are about equal in tension.

2. Inconsistent Bobbin Tension:

One of the most common problems with sewing machines is inconsistency in bobbin tension. This can be due to something wrong with the bolt, a broken thread roller, or just from general wear and tear. A good way to check for this is by looking at the bobbin top thread tension. If it is uneven, then you need to adjust it to the correct level by adjusting the needle bar.

3. Needle Comes out Unthreaded:

If your needle comes out unthreaded while you are sewing, it is often because the top thread is not being gripped by the hook properly. You can solve this by adjusting the tension of the presser foot lever. This will increase the pressure on the top thread, thus gripping it in place and preventing it from slipping off the hook.

Sewing machines in Christchurch

4. Puckered and distorted seams:

Sharp corners are something that you will often see in seams. This is due to the fabric slipping out from underneath the needle and hook. A sharp, hard corner can also cause a sharp bend in the stitching, which will create a puckered line in your seam.

5. Bad Sound of Sewing:

Bad sound of sewing coming from your machine is commonly caused by a clogged bobbin chamber, broken thread guides, or worn-out needle roller bearings. If you get no response when pressing on the foot pedal and there is still thread sticking out of one end of the bobbin case and there are no thread guides on either side of the bobbin case, then it could be time to replace your machine’s needle roller bearing kit.


A sewing machine in Christchurch is not something that you can buy and hope for good performance from it. The only way to get the most out of it is through constant maintenance, which is why it is so critical to check your machine’s performance every month or two.

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