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Retractable Barriers And Other Types Of Crowd Control Barrier Systems

Traffic control barriers help maintain order and safety for different occasions. They can serve as divisions and guides for large crowds or can be used to manage and reroute traffic. Barriers are a must-have, especially in high-traffic situations. They come in many different types, including retractable barriers, steel barriers, etc.

You should assess carefully the types of barriers you’re buying. Ideally, you should ensure that the type you choose can serve your crowd control needs perfectly.

Retractable Barriers

As mentioned, there’s a wide variety of barriers that you can choose from. Depending on the purpose that you want to use barriers for, there’s a particular unit for every need. One such barricade is the retractable one.

Retractable barriers in Adelaide are easy to install because of the retractable belts. They are also portable and you can take them anywhere. However, they aren’t ideal for massive crowds. Others include:

retractable barriers

  • Stanchion Barriers – They are the most common types of barriers. They utilize ropes but aren’t as durable as the other options.
  • Steel Barriers – As the name suggests, these barriers are made of steel and can be used for large events.
  • K-Rail Barriers – They are durable modular barriers that can be used to manage crowds during events. You can use them to control road traffic as well.

Poles versus Barriers

Typically, poles with retracted belts or ribbons are used in guiding the crowd. Despite being used for the longest time, there are many benefits noted in using poles instead of crowd control barriers. The drawbacks include:

  • Ribbons and belts can easily be torn apart
  • Not sufficiently sturdy to prevent the outrageous crowd
  • Not as functional as concrete barriers

For that, concrete jersey barriers are preferred over poles. They are more durable and stronger to prevent an energetic crowd but can also last longer and be used for multiple purposes – versatile.

How to Choose the Best Barriers

There are many control barriers on the market today. So, you have to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Follow these tips:

  • Adaptability – Search for multi-function barriers that you can use for various purposes
  • Durability – Go for barriers made of materials that can ensure extreme conditions
  • Affordability – Find out if the barricade is worth the price tag.
  • Functionality – Always go for barriers that are best suited to your needs.
  • Security – Make sure that the barriers you choose are good enough to ensure safety and security and don’t pose a potential danger.


As you have noted, there are many different types of crowd control barrier systems. They include retractable barriers, K-Rail barriers, etc. Ensure you use the tips above to choose the most suitable for your needs. For more information visit our Website.

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