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How To Choose The Right Lashing Equipment For Your Business

Whether you’re transporting oversized loads or need to secure equipment on flatbed trucks, you want to be sure you have the best lashing equipment for the job. You’ll want to consider a few factors when choosing the right lashing equipment for your business.

The type of cargo you transport:

If you transport heavy machinery or vehicles that require special care, then you will need specialized equipment that can handle those loads. You may also have different kinds of cargo that need specific types of lashing equipment.

For example, a steel company might use a winch with a wire rope for securing steel beams. A wind turbine manufacturer might use ratchet straps for securing blades on flatbed trucks.

Whatever type of project cargo you transport, make sure it meets OSHA regulations and is properly secured with appropriate container cargo lashing.

Weight capacity:

The capacity of your lashing system is measured in pounds. For example, a 5-ton system means it can withstand 5 tons or 10,000 pounds of force without breaking or showing any signs of damage. 

You will want to ensure that your lashing system can support the weight of whatever it is you’re going to secure with it. If not, it could result in an accident or injury.

lashing equipment


The cost of lashing straps will vary depending on what type of material they are made out of and how much they weigh per unit length. 

The more expensive ones will usually be made out of more durable materials and weigh less per unit length than cheaper ones made out of lighter materials that may not be as strong or durable as those made from heavier materials like polyester webbing or steel cable mesh.:


The material of your lashing strap is important because it determines how well it will hold up under pressure and stress. If your materials aren’t strong enough, they can easily break under pressure and lead to dangerous accidents. 

The best material for most uses is polyester webbing because it’s strong, durable, flexible and lightweight. This allows it to withstand heavy loads without breaking down under pressure.

Working load limit:

The working load limit (WLL) tells you how much weight the rope can bear before breaking or failing. It’s important that you understand how much weight each type of lashing strap can handle before purchasing so that everyone stays safe on the job site.


You want the best lashing equipment for your flatbed trucks and heavy lifting needs.

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