biodegradable ziplock bags

Biodegradable Bags – Answer to Plastic Waste

The rise of biodegradable ziplock bags has finally become a good answer to this burning issue.The huge usage of plastic in last year’s around the world has exponentially resulted in a high risk for health. Not only humans but animals have their life at stake, as bags decomposed by burning to give out dangerous chemical fumes, and if simply dumped, animals die eating most of the plastic.

biodegradable ziplock bags

Biodegradable and Compostable: –

We must understand that “biodegradable” is different from “compostable”. While biodegradable simply means that the material decomposes by bacteria or other living organisms, compostable means material undergoes biological decomposition which cannot be distinguished visually and breaks down as carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass.

In recent times, as awareness about hazardous waste kept on increasing, the introduction of biodegradable sustainable packaging material started. The main concern of thin plastic bags used in every nook and corner of the world started diminishing with the increased use of biodegradable shipping bags. These types of bags slowly replaced the thin plastic bags though not completely. With the increased awareness and ban on thin plastic, people either used cloth, paper, or biodegradable ziplock bags to carry their purchases.

Rise of the biodegradable packaging: –

At the manufacturing level, it was possible to recycle the plastic scrap; however, after its usage, it’s very complicated to do so. Recycling cannot be controlled due to its already contaminated condition because of its condition at the time of disposal. Some being in dry conditions but others, mostly wet. Wet plastic starts getting contaminated from the moment it gets wet and also difficulty in getting it decomposed in such condition. It could neither be burned nor decomposed. The manufacturers found a very simple answer and started producing the biodegradable ziplock bag and biodegradable shipping bags to ease the load on recycling.

Are these packaging materials biodegradable?

The qualification of such products has often raised concerns over their decomposing capability. Many manufacturers declared their product as biodegradable but failed to comply with the relevant environmental laws.

biodegradable ziplock bags

The absence of a verification facility at the manufacturer’s end made it further difficult to measure the quality of their products. The absence of pass-fail tests makes the producer mention environmental requirements for biodegradation to take place, time limit, and results to comply with the general environmental laws.

In simpler words, a manufacturer must print in which environmental conditions, after how much time, and what will be the result of their products once it goes to the waste yard. The conditions must adhere to the proper degradation and hence following the guidelines properly will lead the biodegradable ziplock bag and biodegradable shipping bags manufacturing safer.

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